COVID Precautions

The California Department of Health releases an updated Retail Food Code (CalCode) annually. That code is designed to ameliorate any potential contagions in the food or on the food packaging/ serviceware.

At Dispatch Goods, we follow those guidelines exactly as well as add a few additional processes.

Here's what we do:
Dishwashing: In addition to strictly following all CalCode protocols, we wear N95 masks during the entire process, add a second round of quaternary ammonium as well as use ozone for additional container sanitization. We then place all containers and jars in a sealed transport bin. Those bins remain sealed until they reach the restaurants.

Container Drop Off at Restaurants: Restaurant staff breaks the safety seal on the bin of the clean containers. They then fill the containers with their delicious food and beverages and place containers in reusable bags per order.

Food Delivery: Dispatch Goods team members collect those orders and place them in a designated area in the van. Deliveries are contactless, with customers notified of arrival via text message. Container Pick-Up: Dispatch Goods team members do a contactless pick-up of the containers after one week. Those containers are placed in the sealed roof rack to ensure separation from clean containers in the van. The picked-up containers are immediately taken to the commissary kitchen for dishwashing.

Additionally: We have a strict stay-at-home policy if a team member feels sick or was in contact with someone who is sick.

Processing step


1. Pick Up Reusable Containers


Dispatch Goods employee arrives at facilities or homes (daily or weekly, depending on the model) to pick up reusable containers from their collection bins. Transports the used containers to the vehicle in the canvas bag bin liner or collection bin and puts them on the “dirty” side of the partitioned commercial vehicle.


Segregating dirties and cleans

2. Arrive at Commissary Kitchen


Dispatch Goods food handler arrives at the commissary kitchen. Transports containers next to 3-compartment sink in canvas bags or collection bins. Place clean overwear provided by Dispatch Goods on top of clothing. Cover mouth with N96 mask. Wash hands in handwashing sink for 20 seconds before starting.

3. Food Removal


Removes containers directly from the canvas bag or collection bin one at a time. For each container, removes food into the compost bin. Does not place the container anywhere other than sink one, the dishwashing sink.

4. Wash Containers


In sink one, thoroughly washes the surfaces, using hot water and detergent at a temperature at/above 110 degrees F. Replaces water when suds are gone, water is dirty, or temperature has migrated. A thermometer is provided at Daly Kitchen and moves to the respective sinks throughout the process. Detergent is provided by Daly Kitchen.

5. Rinse Containers


In the second compartment, rinses the washed containers in clean water at 120 degrees F. If the water temperature drops or becomes dirty, drains and refills the sink.

6. Place Dishes in Dishwasher

Places dishes in the health-department approved Auto-Chlor dishwasher, which runs through a 90 second, wash, rinse, sanitize cycle. The Auto-Chlor uses detergent during phase 1, and quaternary ammonium during phase 3 of the cycle.

7. Sanitize Containers


In the third compartment, sanitizes the containers with quaternary ammonium provided by Daly Kitchen at a concentration of at least 200 ppm. The temperature will be 75 degrees F, and the container will be fully immersed for 30 seconds before removal. Test strips for concentration provided at Daly Kitchen.

8. Air Dry Containers


Places containers, with the open bowl facing down, to air dry on a rack provided by Daly Kitchen next to the sink. Before leaving, food handler moves containers to Dispatch-only lockable rack, facing down. Locks overnight with the checklist from dishwashing.

9. Repeat

Repeat Steps 3-7 for all containers and the black bins to transport the clean containers.

10. Pack and Pick Up Containers

On weekday mornings, places air-dried containers in a clean black hard plastic bin(s) while wearing new nitrile gloves, also stored in the locked Dispatch cabinet. Places sticker (which indicates inventory, dishwashing process, date, and personnel) with initials to seal lid to bin base, ensuring clean containers are sealed until reaching the restaurants. Repeat for the number of bins needed each day.

11. Transport and drop off


Move black bin(s) of clean containers directly to the clean side of the Dispatch Goods transport vehicle. Once at the participating restaurant, removes black bin(s) with sealed sticker and hands to the restaurant. The restaurant is responsible for breaking the sticker seal. The restaurant can either immediately return black bin after unpacking, or swap during the next delivery.


*Italicized items are new protocols in response to COVID-19

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