Q: Where is this available?
A: Currently in all San Francisco neighborhoods, but we will be expanding soon!

Q: How will I return the containers?
A: We will pick them up the following week, on the same day as the original delivery. We will send an email and text message reminder.

Q: Are you adding more restaurants?
A: Yes! We plan to offer a variety of cuisines from our planet-loving partners.

Q: When are they delivered?
A: We deliver throughout the specified delivery day. Because we drive optimized routes that change, we will send a text message when we are en route to keep you updated!
Q: Why stainless steel?
A: Stainless steel is durable, light-weight, is highly recyclable, and no toxic chemicals that “migrate” into your food.
Q: Why serve cold meals?
A: Optimized routes, we can keep costs lower for you, the restaurant, and keep our emissions per delivery lower!

Q: What is included in the total?
A: The meal cost, sales tax (when needed), Healthy SF tax (when needed), a fixed delivery cost, and our reusable food-ware service fee. And nothing else.
Q: Can I customize my meal?
A: At this point, unfortunately, you can’t. Another thing to look forward to!
Q: When should I purchase my weekly order?
A: At least 24 hours in advance of your selected delivery date. Square Pie Guys pizza needs at least 48 hours in advance.