Yes, Pride month is technically over. However, we want to continue the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, because like any sort of acknowledgment and appreciation, it should not be relegated to just one specified and limited time period. 

It is exceedingly clear that certain people are disproportionately affected by climate change. Those people are affected because of their demographics (age, ethnicity, gender) and sociocultural status (income, occupation, living location, living condition). Our LGBTQ+ friends fall into every one of those disadvantaged communities and, unfortunately, can receive exacerbated impact because of their sexual orientation. That is not okay. Incredible individuals and organizations are doing remarkable things to improve this inequality, celebrate LGBTQ+ accomplishments, and make the world and our communities better places.  

We love you. We are you. We believe in you. And we want to help you move forward. 

Here are a few of those individuals and organizations doing incredible work directly or tangentially in the sustainability space. Consider contributing by volunteering, donating, and subscribing!